The Rough House in the south of the Netherlands

A heritage-listed home

A home that beautifully captures its pas 

Interior architecture and design: Niels Maier
Photos  ©  Thomas De Bruyne / Cafeine

The Rough House is a minimal residence located in Limburg, The Netherlands, designed by Niels Maier / Maastricht-based. The project is a renovation of a half timbered house, situated in the south of the Netherlands. The renovation sought to maintain much of the original structure, while complementing the existing space with natural materials and artisan objects.

The house sees a bringing together of its well-storied past, with a relevant and considered present. The interior interventions focus on the experience of the space and the creation of an honest and inviting series of rooms that intertwine with the existing exterior and beautiful patina shown on the timber structural elements.

To have endured the time and many custodians in its life, The Rough House is founded on resilience above all else and its robustness is testament to its survival. The new insertions align and bring a strength that aids in extending the narrative of the home, responding to the context it sits amongst.

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