La Maison BM: pearl of the Old Town, Vilnius

 Private apartment. Vilnius, Lithuania

Interior architecture and design: Brigita Marija Norvaise
Photos  ©  Deimante Dubauskaite 

This is a private apartment that combines antique and modern, in the old town of Vilnius, Lithuania.  In the eyes of the creator, Brigita Marija Norvaise, old and new can create the most amazing spaces with a breeze of history.

A successful combination of non-classic, antiques, glamour and modern minimalism in the interior of a private flat in Vilnius. Antique decorative objects and classical details harmoniously combine with modern interior elements. The gilding of details intrigues and gives the interior a touch of glamour and vintage charm, while the monochrome colour scheme emphasises the play of light and shadow. The project was designed and realised by Brigita Marija Norvaise, a furniture and interior designer and antiques expert from London.

Classic elements such as mouldings and rosettes were perfectly integrated into the space of the old house and harmonised with the modern style. The use of noble materials such as wood or marble, velvet and leather, brass and gold details, quality furniture and designer accessories helped to create a luxurious aesthetic while preserving historical details and unique features. To improve the organisation of the space, a redesign was carried out by removing some of the partitions, which allowed the living room, dining room and kitchen to be combined.

Brigita Marija Norvaise:

"I love bringing the details of very modern pieces into classic interiors because they produce an unexpected effect, a glamorous and sexy feeling"

Charlotte Moss:

"There are two things that make a room timeless: a sense of history and a piece of the future."

Vilhelm Theodor Fischer ‘A doting mother’, 1883, oil on canvas.

Brigita Marija Norvaise:

"My passion is to create something unique while using old and new trends. . . ."


  1. Interior Designer Brigita Marija Norvaise on Instagram: @brigitamarijastudio

  2. Photographer Deimante Dubauskaite on Instagram: @deimantedub