A fusion of modernity and classic charm in the heart of Toronto

St. Thomas Project Apartment

Interiors : Clarisa Llaneza Studio
Photos  ©  Lauren Miller

The project, from its conception to its completion, reflects the owners' identity, passions and style, making it a perfect urban retreat in the heart of Toronto.

The clients wanted a space where the timeless classic taste merged with a fresh and contemporary vision of living , capable of seamlessly integrating their passion for art.

The residency was therefore redesigned starting from the installation of the various works of art by Canadian artists and international names, which create a conceptual visual journey through the various rooms.

The large living room enjoys spectacular panoramic views of the city of Toronto.

The decorative details of the apartment contribute to strengthening the gallery-house atmosphere that can be felt in the interiors: sculptural lamps, floral compositions and collectibles enrich the domestic aesthetic by coherently interacting with each other and with the contemporary works of art.

Clarisa Llaneza Studio:

“We were very nervous when the client asked us for a black bedroom, but once we immersed ourselves in the work we became excited about the task at hand.” 

Clarisa Llaneza Studio

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