A loft in New York with original bohemian vibe

 Alphabet City, Manhattan, New York

Interior architecture and design:  Evan Edward Studio
Photos  ©  Nicole Franzen

Reimagining this loft in Manhattan's East Village for a new client gave design and architecture practice Evan Edward the chance to revisit a familiar space. Having worked on the home with previous owner, model Erin Wasson, the duo were thrilled that the new owners were happy to retain the loft's original bohemian vibe.

Evan Edward Studio:

Wine soaked colors and sumptuous materials mixed with rosewood and brass make the perfect respite from the city.

The apartment, which measures 140 m2, previously owned by the famous Texan model, actress and stylist Erin Wasson , is the quintessence of the New York lifestyle. A pre-war building, the house has retained many of its original features, such as exposed brick walls and wooden beamed ceilings. And even if the main residence of the new buyers is on Long Island , this loft in New York has become irreplaceable for them, especially during their stays in the city to visit exhibitions and attend concerts, to meet friends or their already grown-up children.

Evan Edward Studio:

«A long history ties us to this property, because we have collaborated in the past with Erin Wasson, the previous owner, who used the loft as a residence on the East Coast. She also traveled often and for this reason she allowed her guests to enjoy it when she resided on the West Coast . The current owners purchased the space as a pied-à-terre, maintaining its use as a place for entertainment and inspiration."

The loft has an open floor plan with a large room divided into three areas: living room, dining room, TV and music room. Josh and Michael wanted to maintain the original spirit of the location without distorting it, in some way they intended to respect its past by adding something recognizable, linked to the existential experience and daily life of the new owners.

Evan Edward Studio: «It went exactly like this: we were inspired by their interests and their passions, given that we are talking about two artists.

After and before: