Сozy townhouse in San Francisco’s iconic neighborhood

 Home for two active gentlemen and their puppy

Design: Timothy Godbold
Photos  ©  Brad Knipstein

The owners wanted a home with a refined yet relaxed atmosphere with enough space to entertain guests. Two pillows with a Chinese dragon print in orange, brown, green and beige formed the basis of the colour scheme in the interior. In the living room, the Cubist paintings mirror the placement of the couches in the room. These are aligned to each other to create two sitting corners and they form a rectangle in the middle of the room. The unique layout creates a space with many cosy corners.

Godbold chose a variety of textures such as velvet chairs, creamy leather, ceramic decoration and coarsely woven carpets to give the rooms character.

Timothy Godbold:

You can’t beat a tizio lamp. Ever... Arne Norell chairs from the very nice gentleman and friend Fredrik at @designboard 

Timothy Godbold is an interior designer who remains true to his knowledge of design furniture. According to him, every home can be taken to a different level by using a number of classics in combination with a few mysterious elements.

Timothy Godbold:

‘For me, I don’t want to go into a house and know exactly where somebody purchased every single piece that they have. There’s got to be some mystery'
All these elements create an interior that radiates class and personality.

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