Mexico: Casa Acantilado by Zozaya Arquitectos

 Zihuatanejo, Guerrero, Mexico

Architects: Daniel Zozaya Valdes
Design Team: Enrique Zozoya, Jose Antonio Vazquez
Ana Karen Cadena, Cesar Octavio, Jesus Lopez
Photos  ©  Rafael Gamo

Zozaya Arquitectos:

On the Pacific coast of Guerrero belonging to the bay of Zihuatanejo , there is “the cliff house” prostrate on cliffs that are constantly hit by the force of the sea, located in an environment of endemic vegetation that reveals the seasons of the region, birds of different species that nest on the slopes of the cliffs and a small lighthouse that warns fishermen and provides light in that immense darkness.

Casa Acantilado conceptualizes the idea of ​​providing light to the fishermen who navigate daily, it is developed as an element that emerges from the rocks, focused on the preservation of the place, blending in with the context thanks to the local materiality and forms used, putting into practice the artisan techniques and vernacular architecture of the site.

The main volumetry is based on two slightly rotated geometric elements, directing the views towards the Pacific. In this project, topography was a determining factor in the spatial organization, entering directly into the house from the upper floor, where there is no access door, it welcomes you. a large palapa that houses the social area completely exposed to the Pacific and the cliffs that surround it, the palapa is made up of regional material such as stone, wood and palm leaves, made by local labor, its shape allows the use of light natural and natural cross ventilation reducing energy consumption; As a finishing touch, an infinity pool is partially attached to the main structure, generating a feeling of direct connection with the Pacific.

The staircase to the private area directs you with concrete walls without a cover, which allows you to see the movement of the treetops, feel the outside being protected, when you turn the staircase opens to the ground floor lobby with as its finishing a pool contained by concrete walls that frame the infinite continuity with the Pacific. The lobby links the four rooms, each with private terraces that relate the interior to the exterior, generating spaces for contemplation
towards the incredible landscape.

Area: 777 m²

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