Envisioning a Mexico-inspired home in Dubai

 Repair and redevelopment of a villa 

Interior Design: Amy Durnford

Photos  ©  Natelee Cocks

Amy Durnford:

“When we found this property, my husband and I fell in love with its tall trees and
 birdsong. We wanted to incorporate that sense of being outdoors into our
 home in a real and meaningful way.”

“We wanted to create an oasis for our young family,” say Amy Durnford, the founder of 
UAE-born furniture brand Custom No. 9, who gutted her Dubai villa to reimagine it 
as a Mexico-inspired haven. From the soft, curved lines that inform the house's 
revamped architecture and ecru cement-finished walls, to the new kitchen
 island and bespoke wooden cabinetry, every aspect of 
this home brings nature in. 

Amy Durnford:

“Please don’t underestimate the value of planning out your design before breaking ground
 on the project. It’s so important to spend the time developing your ‘mood’, and then
 ensuring that every design decision you make will help you achieve that mood. 
It’s so difficult to achieve this synergy once you’ve broken ground,
 because then, the clock is ticking.”

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