A unique house with garden and swimming pool in the center of Israel

 The geometric architecture, sculpted spaces, and use of refined materials 

Architecture & Interior Design: Dorit Sela
Lead Architect: Yael Cohen
Photos  © Oded Smadar

 Dorit Sela:

A unique design and architecture project in the center of the country carried out by our office, of a luxury house located on an irregular plot of about 500 square meters, designed for a family consisting of a couple and three children. The architecture is characterized by unique lines that allow a view of the changing exterior - which is an integral part From the personality of the house The interior design of the house is done carefully and by planning, and consists of natural materials such as wood, marble and stone, which create a direct connection between the shape of the lot and the view it faces and the interior of the house.

 Dorit Sela:

The geometric architecture, sculpted spaces, and use of refined materials in shades of sand, earth, and stone, drench the home with a sense of calm and warmth. The neutral shades throughout set the stage for a beautiful play of light and shadow. It took two months to develop the project concept. The irregular shape of the plot posed a challenge to the planning process, the plot is trapeze-shaped, with a narrow facade and rear that is three times wider, after studding the plot in depth, we created sketches, and the optimal way forward was to create a structure that was abundant in folds that gradually open up in a harmonious flow, without being obvious to the eye, The front facade is narrow and one-dimensional and unfolds as one moves further along the property, to reveal additional space and dimension.

The ground level contains the lounge, a dining area, and a kitchen, all of which overlook a well-manicured garden visible, in all its glory, through large French windows. The level also contains a guest suite, guest toilets, and a utility room. The bedrooms enjoy a double headroom that is characterized by neutral finishing giving it a serene look. A faux-wood ceiling, using cement boards painted in a unique technique, adds to the bedrooms’ natural looks.

At its highest point, this powerful structure stands at seven meters high and is covered by a geometrically shaped canopy that organically surrounds it and brings its various sections together. The durable wood-like material and the stone cladding facade continue into the interior and cement the bond created between the interior and the exterior design theme. The natural flow of the design carries on inside the property, with an impressive, sculpted staircase that leads to the bedroom level.

Like many other wonderful features in this property, the staircase too is a product of the desire to integrate between geometrical and amorphic shapes.  We wanted to create an embracing feature, sexy, curvy, and feminine and in order to create it we used an iron construction that was welded and finished on-site by a welding artist, It is the curves in the iron that create the rounded and sculpted look of the feature. Similarly to the walls, the staircase was covered with sand-colored mineral-cement plaster, with a natural look of concrete and stone that beautifully blends with the various natural materials in the space, such as stone and wood.

The same concrete used for cladding is a dominant player in the creation of a minimalist Mediterranean ambiance throughout the house.  We were meticulous about incorporating natural and natural-looking materials throughout the ground level, to support the design concept.  The travertine stone, which was used as flooring, as power wall cladding in the lounge, and as worktops, as well as bluestone stones and wild oak. Natural textures and neutral colors allow the architectural structure, lighting, and natural daylight to take center stage - together they turn the space into a very powerful one without compromising the calm, clean and understated feel

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