Summer villa in the South of Corsica, France

Near Porto Vecchio Bay, Corsica

Interior design: STUDIO ASAÏ
Photos  ©  Adrien Dirand

Paris-based interior design studio Studio Asaï embodies its vision of a summer house
 integrated into its environment, using materials and their colors in a contemporary
 interpretation of the wild.

The summer house is located on a hillside. From the street, you can only see the sea.
 The villa, below, hugs the slope. To discover it in its entirety, you have to be at the
 end of the pool . Or by boat . It blends into the maquis and the more the
 vegetation continues to grow, the less we will see it. 

Antoine Simonin, of Studio Asaï :

"This house can only be understood from the sea, and that's on purpose"

Architect Gilles Terrazzoni, of Studio Asaï :

“Here, we are very close to the bay of Porto-Vecchio and a natural environment 
that we have not touched, confirms this one. The house is designed to cling to
 the terrain and open up to the view"  

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