Romantic Nest of ​​the Amalfi Coast, Italy

 Nestled in Cetara, an ancient fishing village

Interior design: Ernesto Fusco
Photos  ©  Roberto Pierucci

Ernesto Fusco Interior Designer has completely remodeled this luxury apartment
 inspired by the colors and scents of the beautiful Amalfi Coast, Italy. Here, almost
 suspended between the sea and the mountains, this contemporary apartment with a
  terrace overlooks the splendid sea — nestled in Cetara, an ancient fishing village. 

Ernesto Fusco Interior Designer:

Interior architecture and furnishing project of a  contemporary apartment in 
an exclusive location overlooking the splendid sea of ​​the Amalfi coast. An architecture
 with clean lines and neutral colors that frames the decorations in Vietri ceramic riggiole
 that inspired the entire project. Like the fully covered ceiling of the living area. 

A meticulous search for simplicity in a contemporary style that gives
 a glimpse of the beauty of the past is the hallmark of Ernesto Fusco's projects. 

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