Renovation of a flat in the historic centre of Rome, Italy

 White Apartment in Rome

Interior design: Stefano Dorata
Photos  ©  Studio Dorata

A new life for an old flat in the historic centre of Rome by the experienced interior design
 master Stefano Dorata. Simplicity and order are the psychological and aesthetic features that
 Stefano Dorata seeks in architecture and when he is designing his projects. His journey is a 
long-standing one of research during which his creative language has been refined and 
enriched and become more precise in the sense that it has abandoned eclecticism in
favour of careful blending of styles, but all without ever repudiating the principles
 of classicism and the elements constituting it. 

 Stefano Dorata:

 ‘When designing my projects, I tend to link the architectural element, composition,
 functionality and technology to a common denominator based on harmony. The words
 of my architectural vocabulary are: emotion, perspective, balance of proportions, symmetry
 — with its occasional infringements — balance and, at times, disruption of light and
 shade. I seek classicism in contemporary values and invention’ 

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