Home renovation for a young family in Amsterdam

 Modern and vintage home. Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Interior design : Anne Claus Interiors
Photos  ©  Thomas De Bruyne

Interior design studio Anne Claus Interiors take their timeless approach to a young
 family’s Amsterdam home. In revisiting the home’s layout and introducing a new
 extension with a glass facade, the designer has imparted openness, lightness
 and  connection to all areas of the home.

Designer Anne Claus :

“From anywhere you sit in the dining, kitchen and living area, you look
 through huge windows into the garden”

Anne Claus :

“Vintage pieces make a home unique. We don’t want to create
 a showroom;  we want to create a home”

Anne Claus :

“The home features all-natural fibres and materials. The floor is a 
micro cement – not too smooth or clean – as we know it will age
 and look better with time” 

Designer Anne Claus believes that the client’s freedom and trust allowed them
 to  really transform the home and tailor it to the young family : “It was such a lovely
 project because the change was huge. You almost don’t recognise it as the same house”

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