Whistler vacation home by McKinley Studios

 Inside a Spectacular Whistler Ski Chalet

Architecture: McKinley Studios
Interior design: McKinley Studios
Team: Walker McKinley / Jenn Lembke
Furniture: Sophie Burke Design
Photos  ©  Ema Peter 

McKinley Studios designs a ski-in, ski-out Whistler vacation 
home that makes the most of the stunning forest views.

McKinley Studios :

Well, really, it started with a tiny cabin on a piece of land in Whistler.
 Followed by a phone call from the homeowner to Walker McKinley, principal 
of McKinley Studios, asking for help with a tear-down and rebuild of a new
 ski-in-ski-out vacation home. And then came the cereal box. Once the
 homeowner  hung up, he grabbed it to use as scrap cardboard and got
 crafty making a model of his dream house to share with McKinley.

Walker McKinley : 

“I’ve got to give him credit, it was all there... 
Yes, it got refined and architect-ed, but in the end, all the
 key details were right there in the cereal box model.”

Those details include an inviting, ski-in entryway, and a striking,
 cantilevered glass room that hovers above the West Coast landscape.
Walker McKinley : “When you’re there, you’re floating.”

Size:   2,000 sq.ft.

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