UK House : The Maker’s House in Glasgow

 British  harmony  of  new  and  old

Architects : Loader Monteith
Photos  ©  Gillian Hayes / Dapple Photography

Loader Monteith : The vision

The client’s vision for this house in the Lenzie Conservation area was to reunify
 the space after its previous subdivision into two flats. Along with a living area that
 could spill into the garden, they wanted to install an additional piece of architecture
 to provide a contrast to the old stone villa – marking its own moment in time, 
and the work undertaken to reunite the house.

Loader Monteith : The conclusion

As designers themselves, our clients worked closely and collaboratively with us to
 realise their vision. To create the new section of the home, we carefully matched the
 concrete tones and roof form to reflect the building’s original structure – 
adding  a roof light to animate the living space below, and allow 
a glimpse at the canopy of greenery above.

Loader Monteith :

The addition of insulation, and the fitting of an on-site heat pump, ensured
 the clients’ new property would use energy sustainably and efficiently – striking 
modernity and self-sufficiency into this previously disjointed property.

Loader Monteith :

The new extension sits in harmony with the old house, boasting an interior that flows
 from level to level. An adaptive living space welcomes the garden in the summer, 
while feeling cosy and enclosed in the Scottish winter. The building is now an 
elegant home and working studio for the family as the years and seasons pass.

Area : 430 m²

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