Parisian style : A Haussmanian Apartment Paris XVI

 Harmonious combination of tradition and modernity

Intrior Design :  In Situ & Partners
Photos  ©  Vincent Leroux

Modern design and Asian motifs, austerity and elegance in a new 
Parisian interior from In Situ & Partners (based in Hong Kong).

Yacine Bensalem, founder of In Situ & Partners :

“The idea was to respect the aesthetic codes of a classic Parisian home, integrating them 
in a functional way in a modern residence. We found the official writings of the 19th 
century , which helped us to guide us in space.  Our intervention followed the rules
 of the Haussmanian style with British and Asian influences, which are in our DNA”

In Situ & Partners :

“In the hallway we created leather and bronze shelving, giving a touch of Asian glamour,
 which is also found in the Japanese-style shelves above the fireplace in the living
 room. The corridor,  which separates the common areas from the rooms,  we
 conceived almost as if it were an outdoor space. Above all, the geometric
 floor is reminiscent of the atrium of a Parisian palace.”

In Situ & Partners :

“In addition to working during the pandemic, I think the biggest challenge was 
capturing the Haussmannian spirit in an authentic way and, at the same time, combining 
it with our own style. The fact that I had studied and worked for 14 years in Paris, 
where part of my studies focused on French architecture , helped a lot. We 
went against the current because I think that currently in the industry
 the classic exercise of interior architecture is little appreciated”

In Situ & Partners :

 “ We recreated the classic Parisian interior, with natural colors such as ivory white 
for the walls and ceilings and herringbone oak parquet, slightly patinated to give the 
feeling that it was lived in. For the office and bathroom , the dark oak paneling is
 partly inspired by the British style . The hallway floor has a traditional 19th 
century geometric pattern with three varieties of Italian marble (grey,
 black and white). The same pattern is in the kitchen , a more casual 
environment in which grays and rust colors have been used "

Area : 340 sqm  /  Full renovation completed 
2022 Bare shell condition : 

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