Parisian interior : The home of French designer Isabelle Stanislas

  In the heart of Paris’ Palais Royal

Interior Design : Isabelle Stanislas
Photos ©  Matthieu Salvaing

Isabelle Stanislas :

"The rhythm of the Palais Royal’s facades inspired the apartment’s strict symmetry.
 I played with the existing layout by joining two floors to create one space and moving
 my bedroom to the kitchen. I struck a harmony between the interior and exterior and
 between lightness and heaviness, creating a space that feels like it always existed."

"I don’t like to narrow myself to the word style. I love materials and 
I use them like an alphabet to create new words each time."

"We are suspended in the sky on the fourth floor, and I observed and listened
 to the softness of the surroundings– the light sand from the garden, the grey stone
 from the facade and the “ciel de Paris” colour. I played with cashmere furniture, 
travertine, oak and concrete. I created a special mirror, separated into two
 horizontal pieces to accentuate the feeling of levitation. The
 outside becomes inside and vice-versa."

"I love going to flea markets; I found a long bench by an unknown Brazilian designer
 at a flea market, which now sits in the living room. The construction of the bench is
 exceptional. I collect all kinds of seats: armchairs, stools, and chairs.  Around my
 house, you will find Jeanneret, the first chair designed by Rick Owen and works
 by Donald Judd. The object’s temporality disappears to let 
questions arise: Is it new? Is it old?"

"The shadow gap is my favourite detail. My work is about perception. 
This little detail makes a room feel very different. I love to work with invisible
 lighting as artwork. Night’s falls add a new dimension to a room as art."

Isabelle Stanislas :

"I believe my home is a peaceful and joyful
 space, open to family and friends  and a well-hidden nest."

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