Miami Beach : A total overhaul of penthouse by Oppenheim Architecture

 Modern design and modern art in the three-story space

Interior Design : Collarte Interiors
Architecture : Oppenheim Architecture
Photos  ©  Douglas Friedman 

The homeowners from Milan had purchased a penthouse unit with breathtaking views in Miami Beach.
A total overhaul of the three-story space, which included replacing a bulky elevator with a spiral stair.

Chad Oppenheim :

“We were able to open up the space and create a very experiential way to travel between the floors.”

Constanza Collarte :

“Going into this project, I didn’t know enough about Italian modernism.
 But coming out the other side, it made so much sense.”

The design team consciously kept the furnishings to a minimum to add to the overall sense of airiness, but selected pieces that were uniquely sculptural to maximize their impact. Furniture from Flexform, B&B Italia, Studio 65, Capitello chair and Hans Wegner was used for the different zones....

Constanza Collarte :

“The client is very interesting in the sense that she really doesn’t want to follow the expected. It is a project that’s so subdued, but when you start to dissect it, when you look at the pieces and how they all relate to one another, it starts to be so interesting. That’s really what I loved about putting it all together.”

Chad Oppenheim :

“Projects have a certain context, and that’s the client, the site, the place. 
We try to take all those ingredients and create the poetry.”

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