Mateo House : Mexican house overlooking the Pacific Ocean

 Punta Garrobo, Zihuatanejo, Mexico

Architects : Zozaya Architects
Photos  ©  Cesar Belio

Zozaya Architects :

Casa Mateo is located on one of the highest points of the Punta Garrobo development in Zihuatanejo . The east and west views towards the Pacific Ocean and the cliffs within the jungle landscape are maximized to generate an integration of the house with its surroundings.

The property is accessed by a sloping path that leads to the main access, as well as to the covered parking. The lobby is comprised of an exterior staircase flanked by two stone volumes in the form of weeping walls, which leads to the central courtyard of the house, this being a large reflecting pool.

The challenge of the assignment was to exalt the user's connection with the natural context in their daily lives. In this way, pathways, a water patio and terraces add to the idea of ​​creating atmospheres of relaxation, leisure and enjoyment.

The main structure is materialized in apparent concrete and brick, as well as secondary elements of local stone and steel. Parota wood gives warmth to the house, resulting in a chromatic of grays and browns that coexist organically with the natural environment.

The house is segmented into two geometries that programmatically help to differentiate between private spaces and social spaces. In this way, the first houses three rooms with their respective bathrooms, while the second contains the living room, dining room and kitchen, with the possibility of being unified with the pergola terrace and the barbecue. Within the same volume is the master bedroom as an exclusive private space with a direct connection to the infinity pool and views of the ocean.

The project takes up passive bioclimatic systems through cross ventilation in various spaces, adapting to the beach situation in the area. Green roofs were implemented, with the idea of ​​blending in with the surrounding vegetation, reducing paved surfaces, as well as generating thermal comfort inside the residence. On the other hand, the house has its own black and gray water treatment plant, in order to reuse and minimize environmental impact.

Area : 488 m²

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