Mallorca House : unique townhouse Camp Roig 31

 A totally unique townhouse in the heart of Alaró on the foothills of the Tramuntana mountains

Design : Durietz Design and Development
Photos ©  Piet-Albert Goethals

Spanish design duo  Durietz Design and Development  on the Spanish island
 of Mallorca have refurbished a rundown townhouse steeped in history from 1910.
 Reclaimed Mallorca townhouse has an updated Art Deco charm while also
 paying homage to its traditional Spanish roots. Its bespoke features and
 raw materiality ensure Camp Roig 31 is an exotic escape that embodies
 a  distinctly  Spanish  take  on  slow  living.

Durietz Design and Development :

"Camp Roig 31 is a 600+ m2 townhouse with a sun-bathed 410 m2 courtyard
 overlooking the Alaró twin peaks and surroundings. The house, built in 1910, was
 originally as a halfway house for crops and meat from a large possession outside the town 
and has now been restored and upgraded into a modern big family residence with all
 the luxuries one could expect, with 5-7 bedrooms, 5 baths, wine cellar with it’s 
own house wine, 10x4m pool, garage and much more."

Durietz Design and Development :

"DESIGN CONCEPT. The original architecture of the house was subtle but with 
curtain standout features, leaving us with plenty of room for new interpretations without
 desecrating the soul of the house. We saw the house fitting perfectly in a toned down
 art deco inspired theme mixed up with a strong Mallorcan heritage. We worked 
with dramatic shapes created with natural materials and an earthy palette both
 inside and out. This all the while not loosing the utilitarian roots of the house." 

The outdoor area features an outdoor kitchen and dining area
 on  the original foundations of the building.

Durietz Design and Development :

"The house has many antique charming details like two stone fireplaces and
 wooden carvings, but probably its main feature is the airy roofed terrace with
 arched openings to the private expansive backyard and mountain views."

Josephine Durietz : 

“The Camp Roig 31 courtyard by night needs to be experienced.
 The hot still-standing summer air, the sun heated tiles, the almost eerie silence 
and the pitch dark starry sky… it feels like a giant private living room with no ceiling.”

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