Indian interior : Merging of two apartments into one duplex in Bangalore

 The desire of the owners to create something new and unique

Intrior Design : FADD Studio
Photos © Gokull Rao Kadam

Indian practice FADD Studio has fused two separate apartments inside
 a high-rise development in Bangalore  -  the SNN Clermont residential
 tower, to create a multigenerational family home. The new duplex has six 
bedrooms for a cosmopolitan couple, their parents and two young children.

FADD Studio :

"Our clients wanted this home to be contemporary and free of the fuss of their
 previous home, which was more old-fashioned with traditional 
elements from the previous generation"

FADD Studio :

"They didn't want a run-of-the-mill place that looked like any other home 
with straight lines and contemporary anonymity. They wanted character and they
 were open to exploring the language of curves and most certainly
 wanted something out of the box."

"We began our usual process of looking to nature for inspiration, from shell 
exoskeletons to caterpillar curvatures, from topographical maps of different 
landscapes to fish scales and from sand dunes to waves"

"The ceilings and floor defy the mundane and give us and the apartment's
 inhabitants pure joy to see the lines and curves continue infinitely."

The peach, black and white of the floor ties into the colour
 scheme throughout  the apartment. 
FADD Studio : "This colour palette is unusual for an Indian home.
 These colours, along with the nature-inspired curvatures and rounded
 forms resulted in a minimal-futuristic vibe."

"The flooring is dramatic, something bold and thoughtful, 
contributing  to the strong visual and spatial language of the space" 

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