Australian Houses : Stone Soul House in Melbourne’s southeast

 Three-level ‘Mediterranean courtyard’ home

Architecture & Design : Robson Rak
Landscape Design : Landspace
Photos  ©  Shannon McGrath

A multigenerational, three-level ‘Mediterranean courtyard’ home for a growing family of six.

Kathryn Robson and Chris Rak : 

‘The House of Stone and Soul is an intimate home of peace and
 tranquillity, designed to expand and play host to many’

Refined elements encased within a heavy exterior of limestone and
 handmade brick define Melbourne’s Stone Soul House, a project
 carried out by St. Kilda-based architecture firm Robson Rak.

Through a collaborative approach with dedicated artisans and creatives, 
Robson Rak have realised a monumental family home designed
 to  evolve alongside its inhabitants.

This residence was designed as a home that would accommodate and evolve to the needs
 of a growing  family of six.  Spanning  three  floors,  two above-ground and a basement
 level, the grandness and robustness of its volumes are tempered into a cozy, welcoming
 ambiance by the studio’s choice of material  palette and interior  elements :  warm oak, 
brass accents, gray textiles, and decorative accents in hues of olive greens, pale pinks, 
and blue-greens. From the entrance, the layout reveals outdoor courtyards that interact 
with an open-plan living, dining and kitchen area. This communal space spills over
 to the outdoors, where family and friends enjoy an outdoor dining terrace and 
garden,  along with a 25-meter swimming pool,  a spa,  and a basketball 
half-court.  Tucked  away on a much  quieter  area on the ground floor 
is  a home office and library, where a curved floor-to-ceiling wall of 
shelves  display a collection of local artworks and sculptures.

The home emphasises collaborations with local artists and artisans
 through bespoke cabinetry and furniture, commissioned artworks,
 handcrafted rugs, and a statement entry door pull.

A sweeping staircase leads to the residence’s private spaces consisting
 of five ensuite bedrooms with views of the gardens. A home gym
 and guest suites are located in the basement.

An award-winning architecture and interior design practice,
 Robson Rak puts emphasis on innovative design, longevity, 
sustainability and client value in each of their projects.

Kathryn Robson and Chris Rak : 

‘Place of permanence, allowing a sense of peace and calm
 in  the refuge that is  offered amongst walls of ancient stone’

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