The McGovern Residence in Mooloolaba, Queensland, Australia

 A coastal suburb of Maroochydore in the Sunshine Coast Region

Designers : Reitsma and Associates
Photos  ©  Kelli Jean Black Photography

Reitsma : 

A landmark site, a radical client willing to take risks and a sensational builder, 
the dream commission. The south facing riverfront allotment was occupied by a
 very charming but exhausted 1940’s worker's cottage. The cottage was casually
 nestled  between  two  mature  trees,  one to the street and one to the river,  the 
secluded, sheltered feel needed to somehow remain. Surrounded by High-rise
 construction either side this would be the only house left in the street, it
 had to be excellent, not wasting a single inch of the expensive
 development  potential  site.

In an unusual move, our brief went against the typical trend. A lowest 3 bedroom home 
with one living room would set the agenda, this would be an exercise in quality over
 quantity. The modest size would not only allow for generous landscaping, but it 
would  also ensure the new home would be of a manageable scale for
the years to  come, a special place to enjoy for a lifetime.

The built home may be modest in size yet is rich in thought, detail and specification. 
In contrast to the original lightweight workers cottage, this new home presents as a
 very permanent structure, anchored to the ground with an extensive use of Off-form
 concrete.  The new home would use frameless glass and large volumes to capture
 the treed surrounds, maintaining its original connection to both the site and river.

The project represents a true collaborative approach with all parties taking hold of
 the batten and running their stage as hard as possible. A radical outcome for
 a radical client, a home to enjoy with family and friends, a truly
 breathtaking escape from the everyday.

Area: 302 m²

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