Mexico : Casa Uno in Ensenada, Mexico

The architecture of silence

Casa Uno - Valle Central - Ensenada, MX

Architects : CLACLÁ 
CLACLÁ Taller de Arquitectura : Claudia Turrent y Axel De La Torre
Photos  ©  Axel de la Torre, Francisca D’Acosta, Gabriela C. Walter

CLACLÁ Taller de Arquitectura : 

Casa Uno is a project that pursues the architecture of silence, seeking to hide most
 of the building within an existing topography to achieve greater energy efficiency
 and reduce its visual impact. In this way, a lower perception of the 
construction density of the house is achieved.

Upon entering the house, one experiences the sensation of entering a cave,
 the ultimate refuge of humanity in ancient times. This reminiscence
 gives us a strong feeling of protection within the project.

The idea of burying the project entails the consequence of leaving a wound on the earth. 
In order to heal this wound, it is necessary to restore the native vegetation, which was
 previously transplanted to a nursery. Therefore, water management becomes a
 fundamental part of the project. All water consumed in the house is reused 
through a passive system integrated into the design of the project, which 
allows irrigation to be viable and, over time, the footprint
 of the intervention to be restored.

The main material used is pigmented concrete, which generates a color that mimics
 the tone of the local earth. The walls are constructed using wooden molds, creating a 
smooth and shiny texture, with whimsical folds that resemble granite rocks polished by
 wind and the passage of time. This effect is achieved by incorporating plastic into
 the molding process to waterproof it. At the end, that same plastic is used
 to insulate the retaining walls, while the wooden molds are
 transformed into the carpentry of the house.

The architecture created by CLACLÁ seeks honesty in its elements and is concerned
 with allowing materials to express themselves and tell past stories. It is sought that they
 have souls and show signs of previous use, scars that humanize them even more. It is
 an artisanal architecture that is concerned with carefully selecting its materials,
 even if they are of industrial origin, with the aim of minimizing their
 contaminating impact during the manufacturing process.

Area  :  499 m²

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