Lithuania : Black House Blues by Archispektras

 Black, White and Blues in Kulautuva

Photos  ©  Juozas Kamenskas


A man and his wife always loved to listen to the blues.
 A lot of blues. Loud - most of the times. And there could be no better place for
 their obsession than a forest. So, they built a black house there. With a white
 soul inside. The house that blues.

Family wished for a high central living space through which melancholic music would
 fill their home and reach every room. They would open the glass facade in summer
 and  sit outside on a large wooden deck - an interstitial space between bluesy
 rhythms  and  peaceful  birds  singing.

They would be picking boletus for dinner in their front yard and let the wild nature
 thrive right into the kitchen. They would never forget to have some good white wine
 with a couple of friends. And they got it all. And they will live long enough in
 a  house  that  always  blues...

Area : 170 m²  :

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