California Houses : Sapire Residence in Pacific Palisades, US

 2019 AIA San Ferndano Valley Design Award / 2020 American Architecture Award

Single-Family Residential / A Hillside House for Healthy Living

Architects : Abramson Architects
Interior design: Clements Design, Kathleen Clements
Landscape Design: Pamela Burton & Co
Photos  ©  Roger Davies, Javier Gil Vieco / Globop Photography

Organic Materials Layered in the Mountains

Abramson Architects : 

With a spectacular view of the Santa Monica Mountains and the Pacific Ocean,
 the Sapire Residence is opened up for a fresh sea breeze and panoramic views. 
 Minimal in form, the layered design flows with an open and relatively
 informal floor plan to suit the needs of the homeowners.

In three distinct locations, landscaped topography “fingers” heighten one’s
 awareness of the natural hillside. Bridges span over these fingers, enhancing and
 extending the natural graded areas deep into the heart of the home. The design 
solution offers new perspectives for experiencing the owner’s prized views
 while  providing a glimpse of the topography as it stood before
 the  house  was  set  upon  it.

Operable walls pull abundant daylighting deep into the common spaces. 
Six reconfigurable screens shield occupants from heat gain and the afternoon wind,
 allowing the owners to enjoy unobstructed ocean views any time of day or year.

Meticulous craftsmanship and authentic building materials are recurring themes
 best exemplified by the widespread use of board-formed concrete walls, white oak
 shiplap wall cladding, and painted galvanized steel doors and windows. A datum of
 wall  elevations was carefully laid out to align the joints of the seemingly random
 board-formed concrete with the adjacent wood boards that come in 3”, 4”, 5”,
 and 6” widths. Floors, ceilings, steps, lighting, speakers, keypad controls,
 and outlets were all carefully placed so that no element ever 
interrupts a joint in the boards.

The master suite features a sitting room accented by an artisanal punched metal
 fireplace. A gracious skylight illuminates the wood paneled hallway and show
 closets. The en-suite his/her bathroom configuration includes direct pool 
access and a private patio connected to the marble-clad 
double walk-in shower.

Area  :  17 000  ft²

Pacific Palisades, CA :

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