Private lounge in Mayfair district by Child Studio

 Grosvenor Square, London

Interior architecture & design :  Child Studio

Photos  ©  Felix Speller


Tucked away in a historic mews courtyard in the heart of London’s Mayfair

 district, the lounge interior balances the Art Deco references

 with the 1960s & 70s Modernism.

The focal point of the spacious lounge is the grand undulating fireplace

 located beneath the linear skylight. 

Che Huang and Alexy Kos of Child Studio :

 “This fireplace was designed to bring a sense of scale and permanence

 to the space. It is amazing to see how its soft geometry responds to

 the shifts  in lighting throughout the day”

 Che Huang and Alexy Kos :

“The inspiration for this project came from Yves Saint Laurent’s Grand Salon

 at Rue de Babylone in Paris. We were interested in finding an authentic design

 language for this project, balancing the Art Deco references

 with the 1960s & 70s Modernism” 

Che Huang and Alexy Kos :

 “The spacious Living Room is a social space where the guests can convene

in a warm and relaxed environment. Here, we assembled a mix of collectable

 20th-century furniture pieces, complemented by an eclectic collection

 of sculptures, heirlooms and art books, contributing to the

 effortless and lived-in atmosphere.”

Child Studio :

 “There is a subtle shift in atmosphere between the spacious lounge and

 the more intimate adjacent rooms, but the whole place is unified through

 the crafted woodwork detailing and warm materiality”

Child Studio :

 “The material palette of this room draws inspiration from the modernist

 Villa Muller by Adolf Loos. The combination of dark Mahogany wood,

 patterned marble and green upholstery feels so chic, yet warm and unpretentious”

The artworks include antique lithographs by George Braque,

 Jean Cocteau and Karel Appel and photographs by Guy Bourdin and Man Ray.

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