Lee Broom's Stylish and Monochromatic Penthouse in New York

 NYC  Penthouse,  USA

Design : Lee Broom
Photographer : Stephen Kent Johnson

British designer Lee Broom’s penthouse in New York draws inspiration
 from  the city skyline while offering him a space to entertain and unwind in.

The Penthouse is a duplex apartment located in Tribeca, New York City
 and it was designed by the international award-winner designer Lee Broom for himself. 
The residence was created with a desire of having a place to call home in NYC but it’s not
 only  a home to stay when in city, it is also a space where Broom shows his aesthetic
 taste at its  finest, especially with his furniture collection including sofas and
 coffee tables designed specifically for the space. 

Lee Broom :
“If I am really honest with myself, when I think about a place that
 I’d like to be living in the next 10, maybe 15 years, a concrete brutalist
 structure with huge windows and a sofa would be perfect”

Lee Broom :
“I have an aversion toward doors, and there are a lot of doors in the apartment... 
There is definitely a showroom quality for sure, but this is how I live. I have so much
 mess around my life with my work, the factory, the workshop, everything else.
 And it drives me insane.”

The view from the penthouse’s dining terrace includes 
One World Trade Center  and the brutalist AT&T tower in the foreground : 

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