Harmonious Farmhouse Retreat by Designer Mar Silver

Westport, Connecticut, USA

Interior architecture : Mar Silver Design

Photos  ©  Laura Moss, Hulya Kolabas, Bjorn Wallender


An 1800s farmhouse is transformed into a dramatic open haven filled

 with striking furniture, playful modern art and antiquities that engage the senses.

Mar Silver has been living in her Westport home since 2009, first as a renter and

 then as its owner. She made some cosmetic changes when she first purchased 

the house, which was built in 1800, but two years ago she decided it was

 time for a complete gut renovation.

Mar Silver  :

“I love living in a house for a while before I do anything to it”

Mar Silver  :

“It’s important for me to get to know the spirit of the house and then make 

changes. This home feels like the culmination of what I’ve loved in my previous 

homes and client projects all consolidated into one.”

Mar Silver  :

“I love Thailand, Cambodia, Bali, and Vietnam... I find peace there.

 And the craftsmanship of the items made in that part of the world is filled with a love,

 intention, and energy that I can feel when I place those pieces in a home.”

Mar Silver  :

“It’s important that it’s a unique home and that the pieces are unique.

 But design isn’t just about furniture. It’s also about where and why you place it.

 It’s intention that creates an environment, and creating an environment is

 always something I’ve wanted to do for myself.”

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