A House In Malibu From Interior Designer Vanessa Alexander

Designer Vanessa Alexander : сучасний будинок дизайнера в Малібу

Architecture : Kovac Design

Studio Design : Vanessa Alexander

Photography : Adrian Gaut & Douglas Friedman


California-based interior designer Vanessa Alexande

 has refurbished a 1960s ranch-style house she bought, which

 was in need of restoration after several "ill-conceived"

 repairs and damage from a fire that broke out in

 Los Angeles in 2018.

The result of the renovation is a modern house in the centre of Malibu in 
the trendy  in today's barn style.  Vanessa Alexander's secluded estate 
not your typical California beach hut. It's a modern, stylish garden home
nestled at the foot of the Santa Monica Mountains in Bonsall Canyon, 
with beautiful views of the craggy mountains and lush, tropical vegetation. 
green tropical plants, looks more like a slice of Belgian 
countryside in the heart  of California.

Hollywood manager turned interior designer Vanessa Alexander,
 who lived in Los Angeles for many years, settled in the Bonsall Canyon area
 to design her family home because of its proximity to nature, water,
 hiking and horseback riding trails. Vanessa Alexander : "I love that we
 "I love that we were able to connect to all that the community has to offer 
Malibu, while still retaining the privacy, the land, and the rural
 and pastoral atmosphere."

Vanessa Alexander has managed to create a deep sense of serenity in her 

home  through works of art, original vintage furniture and

 Customised pieces from Alexander Design's range of products.

Vanessa Alexander and her family spend most of their time in the kitchen, 

The space flows into the outdoor terrace, pool and garden.

Vanessa Alexander describes her signature style as an eclectic mix of

 expensive materials and luxurious textures on a monochrome background:

 "My aesthetic is defined by lifestyle and location. 

I feel that we have succeeded in creating an atmosphere as

 comfortable as  possible for family life.

По словам Ванессы Александер, фермерский стол 20-го века - один из самых

According to Vanessa Alexander, the 20th century farm table is one of the most

 treasured items in her home. Other treasured items in this space

 are a spectacular hanging lamp by French designer Pierre Jovanovic

 and a restored set of legendary designer chairs

 "Chandigarh" by French architect Pierre Andre Jeanneret.

The cream-coloured, hand-plastered walls and ceilings of Kamp Studios 

create a typical Belgian interior ambience, accentuated by

 by walnut ceiling beams and black steel frames. 

Tactile mats of jute and sisal, linen cloths, furniture made of 

aged wood and plush velvet accentuate the European aura of the house

 design, contrasting the colours of the furniture and the natural 

environment aura of home design, contrasting with

 the modern lighting  in every room.

For herself, the designer designed a bed, a 'floating' bedside table

 and a pendant lamp in the master bedroom, which is decorated with

 a painting by  Alison Van Pelt at the head of the bed.

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