Clifton Terraces Apartments by SAOTA Architecture and Design

 Cape Town, South Africa

Architects  :  SAOTA
Photos  ©  Adam Letch, Niel Vosloo

Clifton Terraces  Apartments on Victoria Road, Cape Town, designed by
 SAOTA,  are an original integrated architectural solution of a 10-apartment 
 house  integrated into a rocky slope.  10-apartment building solution integrated
 into  a rocky hillside. The building is set back from the street by a series of
 stepped, articulated terraces which  follow the natural contour of the slope,
 with  panoramic  views  of  the  Atlantic  Ocean  and  local  landmarks, 
such as Table Mountain and a series of sheltered beaches in Clifton.

Clifton Terraces houses ten flats spread over four levels, 
plus a level of duplexes above them and a pair of five-level penthouses with private
 gardens. Parking is available on three levels: basement, street level and above ground
 level.  The lobby is decorated with large-scale works of art by the renowned artist 
Markus  Neustetter, which gives a unique sense of space and adds a
 level of creative interaction with the interiors.

The site, occupying prime elevation on the famous Lion's Head,
 combines three contiguous plots, two of which face the street and one plot, 
landlocked at the back.  Behind the plot is a protected behind the site is a protected
 green area of public spaces.  The architecture firm SAOTA has actively interacted
 with the city and the building's neighbours,  taking into account their exteriors. 
The curved terraces and articulated design of the building, arising from the 
restrictive conditions, ultimately laid many  constraints into the basis of an
 authentic, highly motivated  design solution.

Terrace surfaces and deep overhangs create sheltered outdoor living spaces for
 for each flat without interfering with the panoramic views. At the same time
 frosted glass side walls are sloped to maximise the views of the 
ocean and preserve the privacy of residents and neighbours.  

The exquisite detailing of the façade, contrasting the clear white horizontal
 lines with dark pergolas (which in turn complement the darker strips of window
 stripes), create an interesting visual impression, without compromising the overall 
aesthetics of the building.  aesthetics of the building. The restrained, natural palette 
of the materials harmonises with beautiful nature, and the terraces with plants on each
 level soften the edges of the of the building and merge with its surroundings,  as 
does the spine of the trees running the entire vertical length of the development.
 During the course of the development, 25 existing trees were retained on the
 site. the site has retained 25 existing trees and added 101 
large tree (plus over 3,000 small plants and shrubs).

Landscaped strips of native greenery on either side of the building soften 
its visual appeal and gives comfort to pedestrians of the adjacent
 streets and runners on the popular training route.

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