London House : modern, eclectic and contemporary luxury by VADA

 A West London home. UK

Interior  Design  :  VADA
Photos  @  VADA

Creative renovation of a traditional west London home
  by design studio VADA, founded by Robert Bühler and
Chelsea  Dixon.  Good  work  of  designers  who  succeeded
  in bright interiors harmoniously combine modern, eclectic and modern
  luxury  with  English  traditions of understanding  comfortable  family life
  The first floor turned out to be especially successful, where, thanks to the free
  planning and original zoning are successfully located living room,
 music room with library, kitchen and dining room
  with access to the green courtyard.

Robert Bühler & Chelsea Dixon :

VADA is a collective of creatives with a joint love of houses and design. 
We believe that a home is where memories are made and lives are lived.”

Studio designers fully realize their credo :

"Home is more than what you see from the outside. At VADA, we strive
  transform any space and preserve its beauty to the smallest detail..."


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