Black Villa. Harriman State Park, New York State, USA

 Black Villa: a stylish mansion in a park area near New York

Architects  :  Reza Mohtashami Studio  /  Principal architect  :  Reza Mohtashami
Visualization  :  Reza Mohtashami

Black Villa single family home project designed to be built adjacent to Harriman
 State Park, the second largest state park in New York State, Rockland and Orange
 County in   30 miles north of New York, which is a hiker's paradise with 31 lakes and
 over 200 miles of scenic hiking trails. A house with an area of about 400 square meters
 is planned to be built on a plot of 9600 square meters. If the project is successful,
 the house could become an architectural gem of private housing construction in
 New York State. The project was developed by the Iranian architectural studio
 from Mashhad Reza Mohtashami Studio, chief architect Reza Mohtashami.

A two-level house with original constructive and planning solutions, surrounded by
 centuries-old trees and many streams and lakes, is perfectly integrated into the natural 
landscape. The abundance of bold architectural solutions, such as the radical black color
 of the exterior, the living grass covering of all blocks of the house, allowing the mansion
 to merge with the landscape, the outdoor pool on an impressive levitating podium and
 stylish interiors with powerful skylights make the Black Villa a unique building.

Reza  Mohtashami  :

“The dark palette was an important element of the concept. Black color is very vague,
 it means power, has a powerful character and emphasizes prestige. It also looks quite
 mysterious. Although light colors and open spaces are more popular in modern
 trends, the low-key, even gloomy atmosphere of this house fits better 
into the context of the New York forest"

The widespread use of transparent glass walls allows the inhabitants of the house to get
 as close as possible to the surrounding untouched nature from almost all rooms. Black 
furniture, black linens, "all shades of black" contrast intriguingly with light natural wood.
 Most of the interior decoration elements, textiles and furniture, sanitary equipment are 
made in various shades of black. The central wall in the bathroom is decorated with
 textured dark stone and harmonizes nuancedly with the dark gray granite 
bathroom. Light spots in the interior elegantly and subtly break the 
dark monochrome palette of the interior.

A special atmosphere in the house is created not only by panoramic glazing and black
 color: visual connection with the surrounding landscape, high-quality wood for interior
 decoration, volumetric relief of natural stone, concrete walls and ceiling, marble finishes 
set the highest level of visual comfort. The exterior of the house also turned out to be
 special: the living sod surface of the roof, almost on the entire surface of the floors,
 allows the mansion to merge with the landscape and become its organic part.

Green roofs:

improve the ecology of the territory, reduce energy consumption by providing natural heat
 and sound insulation, create a comfortable microclimate in the house, maintain the
 temperature four degrees lower than traditional roofing - retain heat in winter
 and provide a pleasant coolness in summer, retain and purify rain moisture.

Reza Mohtashami  :


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