Shkrub House by Sergey Makhno Architects in Kozin (Kyiv), Ukraine

Shkrub House - будинок архітектора Сергія Махна під Києвом

Architects : Sergey Makhno Architecs
Photos  ©  Serhii Kadulin

Shkrub House by Ukrainian architect-designer Sergey Makhno became the winner of the
 international architectural competition IIDA Global Excellence Awards. The house under
 the reed roof was recognized as the best in the category "Large residences" due to its 
unique style - the interior is designed in a style that the authors call modern Ukrainian.

Shkrub House architect Sergei Makhno built for his family in Kozin, an elite village
 near Kyiv.  In a two-level building, modern technologies and design solutions are 
intertwined with interior elements traditional for Ukraine. The roof of the house is 
covered with reeds, and the walls  inside the house are finished clay - in the
 technique  that was used in old huts-huts, collectible utensils plus 
original  author's ceramics from Makhno.

The competition jury evaluated the submitted projects based on the relevance of the applied 
design solutions,  the level of materials used, as well as excellence,  creativity, functionality
 and aesthetics. Shkrub House was the only winner from Ukraine. Another project of Sergey
 Makhno studio Architects became a finalist of the IIDA 2020 Global Excellence Awards — 
in the nomination "Small Residences" the interior of the Kyiv apartment
 Mazanka Apartment came out became a finalist.

Jury member Alexandra 'Sandy' McGill, lead designer at Designworks USA (BMW Group
 Company), who designed the BMW 3, Mini and rebuilt the brand Rolls-Royce said at the
 awards ceremony in Chicago: 
Shkrub  House  is  a  fantastic  expression  of  the  owner's personality, 
heritage and collections. Surfaces and spaces are rich in shapes, textures and
colors. We are presented with a completely unusual interpretation of a family home. 
This house makes me really want to get to know the family that lives there. Bravo !"

The studio Sergey Makhno Architects noted that the house was built in a modern Ukrainian
 style  under the influence of the Japanese philosophy of wabi-sabi, which finds harmony and 
beauty in imperfection.  The architect, while working on Shkrub House, drew inspiration 
from trips to Japan, which prompted him to decide garden in Japanese style with sculptures. 
Sergei Makhno:   “When  I  first  came  to  Japan and saw how they value their heritage, I
 realized that the Ukrainian the culture is extremely rich, but we rarely appreciate it highly. 
The house is filled with a large collection of Ukrainian ceramics, and the walls are covered
 with various types of ceramic tiles, where ordinary clay is mixed with seeds of wheat, rye
 and flax. The site is almost completely enclosed by a minimalist concrete fence, and the 
roof of the house, covered with reeds, hangs over the wooden slats that decorate the facade.
 These materials are traditional both for Ukrainian, and for Japanese cultures. The 
architect and ceramist Sergey Makhno himself says that his search for a truly 
Ukrainian home began with this house.

Makhno's collection of pottery is presented in special shelving, assembled from
 old  wood collected in abandoned houses.

Sergey Makhno :

“This is the house that started the search for a Ukrainian home — a journey that will
 take years, maybe even lifetimes. What is he? What appears in your imagination when
 you hear "Ukrainian House"? Soviet apartment or house in the village? I dream of 
finding that foothold. And the fact that our Ukrainian design, our traditions are
 recognized all over the world over and over again really gives
 me strength and inspiration.”

Sergey Makhno :

"What was the main idea behind the interior design? Make this house a home for its inhabitants.
 After all, you can make it comfortable, fashionable, but a native place from this does not become.
 This is how traditions appeared  -  our connection with our ancestors,  our addictions were 
displayed. The very name of the house - Shkrub House - came from a family lexicon, as 
we call each other. In my own home, I conduct experiments that most clients are not
 yet ready for - before this at home they are not believed that  Ukrainian craft
 traditions, contemporary art, high technology and comfort could be
 combined in one house."

The original staircase leads to the second floor, where a number of bedrooms 
and  guest rooms are located around the common room.

Previously, Shkrub House by Sergey Makhno Architects received the Grand Prix of
 the Ukrainian competition Interior of the Year and "gold" at the International
 Design  Awards, A' Design Award & Competition

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