Tamarama House : House on a hill overlooking a popular beach in Sydney

 Tamarama Home. Beach House

Architects : Porebski Architects    /    Interior designer : Alexandra Donohoe (Decus Interiors)
Photos  ©  Andrew Worssam , Justin Alexander

House on a corner lot on a hill overlooking Tamarama Beach
 in the eastern residential suburbs of Sydney, six kilometers east of Sydney's central
 Sydney's central business district.  Tamarama Beach and the surrounding parks have been 
has been a popular destination for swimmers, surfers, sunbathers and picnickers for over
 a century, sunbathing and picnics.  Tamarama,  a residential suburb of Sydney, was
 ranked in  Sydney's residential suburb of Tamarama ranked 13th in the top 25
 most expensive neighborhoods in Australia.

A house with an original sculptured façade for a family of four
 differs from traditional Australian homes in that it has been built on the upper floors 
of the main living areas, allowing you to enjoy panoramic views of the ocean and
 scenic  coastline.  picturesque coastlines and allows you to exploit the
 amount of roof space you have.  Roof deck space is maximised.

The four-level house is L-shaped in plan,
forming a central courtyard that flows seamlessly into the swimming pool.
The inner The courtyard functions as an open area, specifically oriented towards the
 The courtyard functions as an open-air area specifically oriented towards the sun, but
 sheltered from the sea breeze that occurs here almost  every day. The upper living
 areas open onto a large covered terrace,  overlooking the beach and ocean. 
The front rooms are ideal  for the traditional cocktail parties and flows seamlessly
 into the private The front rooms flow seamlessly into the private courtyard area, 
creating a comfortable family living space. A playroom with sliding doors 
on the lower level flows seamlessly sliding doors in the lower level 
flows into the courtyard and pool garden. The covered terrace has a
 built-in barbecue. Landscaping for the site and garden
 designed by Will Dangar

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