Scandinavian style in the Swedish apartment of an English designer

 Apartment of an Englishman in Stockholm

 Interior designer Lee Cotter    /    Photos  ©  Jonas Ingerstedt 

The interior of the apartment of the British designer Lee Cotter, who moved to Stockholm in 
the late 1990s and settled in a house built in 1918. Recently, the apartment was overhauled
 under the guidance of the owner: in order to have more light in the house, the floor plan
 was changed - redevelopment was carried out with the transfer of walls.
 Lee Cotter :
 "Light is important to mood and I want my home to be full of light and energy..."

Stylish modern Scandinavian minimalism with dominance of black accents - this is how you
 can characterize the new interior of the designer's apartment. Lee Cotter: "I've been 
addicted to black since I was a kid. I painted my first bike in black color, my baby
 bed was black. There is so much in the black. I like the neutrality of black.
 Shades and shadows are hidden in black..."

Lee Cotter : 
"The furniture I choose reflects who I am. I mix classics from Bruno Mathsson, Louis Poulsen, 
Harry Bertoia, Tore Ahlsén and Michel Ducaroy with contemporary objects and  rarities
 I've collected on my travels. Part of the furniture is made from my sketches."

The Englishman Lee Cotter, who lived in Sweden for a long time, organically absorbed the ideology
 of Swedish design: "Simplicity is the new luxury" - this is about his apartment. Simple at first
 glance, objects and spaces are the result of a long and painstaking the work of Swedish 
designers, whose artistic means are deliberately limited. The laconic forms and
 refined lines of Scandinavian design are the heritage of the functionalists, who
 excluded redundancy and irrational embellishment, bequeathing a meaningful
 function to each design element.

Lee Cotter is known in Europe (and not only) as the founder of the fashion brands By the No and
 Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair, specializing in youth footwear, clothing and accessories. He also 
works on other projects and, being constantly looking for new designs and creative ideas,
 enjoys the process itself. Its new interior contributes to this.
 Lee Cotter :
 "Due to my profession, I am constantly creating something new and the 
atmosphere of my home contributes to this..."

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