Art Deco Home : Renovation of a mansion in West Palm Beach

 Art Deco Home in West Palm, Florida, USA

Architects : Andrew Sheinman, Pembrooke & Ives    /    Photos  ©  Stephen Johnson

Reconstruction and renovation of the art deco mansion by the famous New York
 designer Andrew Sheinman and his studio Pembrooke & Ives in Palm Beach, designed 
by Belford Shoumate in 1937 in a modern Florida resort town with a high standard of 
living and excellent  conditions for recreation .  This is a real small garden city with
 snow - white  beaches,  elegant Mediterranean  architecture, first - class  hotels, 
well-groomed parks,  numerous bars,  restaurants, boutiques,  museums and
 a rich cultural life. The mild climate, which is due to the proximity of the
 Gulf Stream, comfortable conditions and beautiful nature attract not only
 American millionaires, but also tourists from all over the world.

The late art deco house, also called nautical moderne or streamline moderne, is
 located  in the historic El Cid district and overlooks the Coastal Canal. Designers 
managed to find harmony between classic chic, elegant modern and contemporary
 minimalism. The classic whiteness of the walls has become a good backdrop for
 demonstrating the expressive possibilities of color and texture of various
 materials - from gold, patinated brass and exotic woods to
 the contrast of marble and stainless stee 

Antiques, modern luxury furniture and expensive designer interior artifacts 
do not overload vintage interiors, and the decor does not interfere 
with  the convenience of the spaces.

From luxury urban residences in New York, Miami and London, to sophisticated and
 elegant villas in the Greek Islands, Aspen, Palm Beach and the Hamptons, to innovative
 interiors for private yachts and jets, Pembrooke & Ives has designed a myriad of projects
 around the world. Named by Architectural Digest as one of the top 100 design firms
 in the US, Pembrooke & Ives has received numerous awards for its work, including
 Showboat's  " Best  Modernization  of  the  Year "  and  Mountain  Living's 
"Home of the Year" awards for its work on a private residence in Aspen.

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