VHRS Family Vacation House

Vacation House in Israel

Architects : Broides architects    /    Photos  ©  Amit Geron

The two-level house is located in the center of the plot. At the entrance to the house, in the shade of a weeping willow, near a decorative pool, the water of an artificial waterfall gurgles. From the open entrance foyer (porch) you can see the front garden and patio, which is located between the two levels of the house. An impressive iron and wood staircase is located next to the patio. The layout of the 350 square meter house is geometrically simple and resembles two white plaster cubes separated by a central courtyard. The main entrance wall is decorated with natural stone and illuminated by a skylight, which emphasizes and enhances the three-dimensional depth of the masonry. Decorative masonry penetrates the interior of the house and decorates the living room. The living floor has parquet floors, while the guest area and outdoor areas are paved with Bluestone tiles. Interior white walls serve as a good backdrop for modern paintings that decorate interiors.

A fireplace with chimney in the living room on the lower level warms the master bedroom located one level above. The other wing houses a spacious kitchen and dining area. The rear service area was hidden behind them. From the living room and kitchen you can access the terrace for outdoor relaxation. The house is furnished with high-quality modern furniture from Dedon, MDF Italia, Moroso, Poliform, VitrA, Moss. The kitchen is equipped with premium Sub-Zero appliances.

Four bedrooms are located on the upper level of the house. Each two bedrooms have a private foyer separated by a frosted glass sliding door. At the center of the floor is a family sitting area with
 a balcony overlooking the backyard and lower level pool.

The fifteen meter backyard swimming pool can be completely shaded by a dynamic horizontal and vertical canopy. Access is direct from the yard to the service area, where there are changing rooms
and toilets for pool users without having to go through the house.

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