Paris Apartment et Rue de Rivoli by Jean-Louis Deniot

Modernized neoclassicism in a Parisian interior

Interior design: Jean Louis Deniot    /    Photos  ©  Christopher Tueher

Renovation and redevelopment of a classic French flat in an 18th century house on the Rue de Rivoli, one of the most famous streets in Paris, on the south side of which are such sights as the Louvre and the Jardin des Tuileries, which connects the old Marais quarter with the famous Champs-Elysees.... 

The new owners of the flat decided to modernise an outdated layout from the 1940s. The enfilade layout became a purely French feature of the interior, and the rooms arranged on one axis began to feel like a single space. on the same axis, the rooms began to feel like a single space. The renovation also made it possible to hide technical innovations under layers of finishes to ensure that comfort meets modern requirements. The fireplace portals, mouldings and panels that appeared during the renovation were designed to steer away from excessive pathos and pretentiousness.

In this light, eclectic interior, renowned French designer Jean-Louis Deniot has masterfully harmonised Louis XVI-style decor and mouldings with modern paintings and designer objects, antique furniture with modern furniture, and Carrara marble with Point D'Hongrie parquet.

Designer Jean-Louis Deniot reimagined this 18th-century apartment as a modernist haven on Paris’s illustrious Rue de Rivoli. Deniot moved a Maison Jansen bookcase from the dining room to the library. A gold-trimmed alcove was designed as a petite gallery for a figurative sculpture by Philippe Valentin.

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