Timeless Beauty : Kennedy Residence in Paris

Terrace penthouse apartment. 

Views on the Seine and Eiffel Tower

Architecture, interior design & furniture  :  Guillaume Alan 

 Photos  ©  Matthew Donaldson


Guillaume Alan's masterful work on the interior of the apartment, located in a magnificent 19th century building overlooking the Seine and the Eiffel Tower. The French designer from Paris, who also has an office in London, demonstrated a master class in aesthetic restraint in this interior. In the best French tradition of "ensemble decorators", the architecture, interior design and furniture were thought out and drawn with one hand.

Guillaume Alan  :

“This project expresses the minimalist poetry of space, a complex and

 very precise process that gives birth to a world of serenity, calm and emotion”

With elegant sophistication, the designer models the interior space on an area of 180 square meters precisely and with impeccable proportions. Combining minimalism with classicism with historical references such as the Orangerie at Versailles, Alan created a series of high ceiling arches in natural stone colors with recessed mirrors in the entrance hall. The shape of the large window in the living room was inspired by an old door the designer saw in Oxford, England, and the lighting was Georgian-style.

Guillaume Alain's personal style includes precious woods such as oak or ash, natural marble, brass, raw linen, soft leather, wool, silk, bronze. Materials and textures create a cohesive whole in a very light gray palette, the color “craie”. The original solutions of the project echo the words of the Romanian sculptor Constantin Brancusi, who said that “simplicity is complexity resolved.”

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