Lost House : A Dramatic Architectural Home by David Adjaye

  King's Cross, London, UK

Architects : Adjaye Associates  
  Photos  ©  ​​The Modern House & United Kingdom Sotheby's International Realty

Lost House is one of the early works in the London area of King's Cross by the English architect David Adjaye, popular today in Europe and the USA. King's Cross today is one of the most modern areas of London with a history of several millennia, which is restoring its former reputation and transforming into a dynamic center of arts and culture. David Adjaye's early fame came from his original home designs for celebrities such as Ewan McGregor and Alexander McQueen. In 2017, Adjaye was awarded the honorary title of Knight of the British Empire. Today, the fashionable Royal Gold Medal winner's designs are as relevant in downtown New York as they are in low-key London neighborhoods.

Lost House is tucked away down an alley behind the unassuming brick façade of what used to be a warehouse with a loading dock. The first floor is a living space with an open plan. There is a large open plan living, dining and kitchen area with double height ceilings. Off to the side, in a recessed area, is a mini-cinema with bright walls, built-in bookshelves and wide sofas. In the center of the living area there is a light well with a pond.

The house has three bedrooms - two of which are located on the first floor, and the third, which is currently used as a home office, is on the second floor. The master bedroom with en-suite bathroom and separate toilet is entirely decorated in pink tones and contrasts with the inky black interior.

Adjaye Associates converted a concrete loading dock into a pool deck with walls
 painted black, adjacent to the master bedroom.

The award-winning Lost House is listed today with The Modern House and
 Sotheby's International Realty. Its cost is 6.5 million pounds.

David Adjaye is an architect who always sharpens his working pencil by hand. With a sharp knife. 
He prefers to tactilely feel the work material, and does not trust virtual projects too much.


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