Hidden Cove : Japanese garden at heart of Seattle residence

 Hidden Cove Residence, Lake Washington, Seattle

Architecture and interiors : Stuart Silk Architects
Landscape architecture : Land Morphology
Photos  ©  Aaron Leitz

The Hidden Cove lakeside residence in Seattle's Washington Park neighborhood.
 The home was built for a couple who wanted to live in a tranquil atmosphere by the
 water. The owners, over a period of twenty years, have amassed an impressive
 collection of plants, which they have lovingly cared for which they have
 lovingly cared for and painstakingly pruned according to traditions
 of Japanese landscape design.  For them, the garden was as important 
as important to them as a home. The architects at Stuart Silk Architects were
 given the to create a home based on Japanese philosophy and style. 
The team tried to reinterpret Japanese principles through the prism of
 contemporary notions of comfort for residents of the Pacific
 of the Pacific coast of the northwestern United States.

The house is built on a slope that offers beautiful panoramas of
 The house is built on a hillside with beautiful panoramic views of the lake and 
the Cascade Mountains in the distance. The house is made up of four
 pavilions, one of which is situated at an angle. The pavilions of different 
sizes  are arranged around a lush Japanese garden designed by a local
 firm Land Morphology.  A covered walkway runs through the centre
 residence and links the pavilions together. The architecture and design 
seeks to unite the garden and the home.
 Stuart Silk :
 'The house surrounds the garden to create a sense of peace and quiet...'.

The exterior walls are finished with custom-made cedar wood siding
 customised siding, which helps the exterior of the house blend in with the
 surroundings.  The pavilions are topped with low-angled hipped 
roofs, reminiscent of traditional Japanese houses.   The zinc tiles
 develop a patina over time. The roofs are elevated above the pavilions
on ultra-thin steel poles, creating an upper level of glazing.
 to create an upper level of glazing for better insolation.

The individual volumes of the house clearly delineate the bedrooms and living areas.
 In the northern part of the house, there is a garage and kitchen. The adjoining volume has
 a living room  The adjacent volume includes a living and dining room that opens onto
 a covered terrace with lake view. On the south side There are a master bedroom, a guest
 bedroom and a study. A detached pavilion  A separate pavilion in the west consists
 of an art studio, guest room and gym.  Large windows have been installed throughout
 the residence, providing beautiful views of the interior garden and picturesque parkland. 
views of the courtyard garden and the picturesque park scenery outside the house. 
The interiors are modern with neutral colours and natural natural
 materials such as timber and marble. The ceilings at The ceilings are lined
 with cedar planks, a material chosen because of its 
aesthetic and acoustic qualities.


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