Art Villa holiday home by Refuel Works & Studio Formafatal

Playa Hermosa, Costa Rica

Architects : Refuel Works & Studio Formafatal    /    Photos  ©  BoysPlayNice

Art Villa is an outstanding result of a non-standard collaboration between the Czech
 architectural studios Refuel Works and Formafatal and clients from Costa Rica. Villa
with a large cantilever pool in the Costa Rican jungle became the first of a complex
 of three unique villas and one multifunctional pavilion overlooking the Pacific Ocean.
 Residence near Playa Hermosa on a plot of 25,000 sq. meters is part of the Art Villas
 Resort  complex  and  is  intended  for  rent.  Playa  Hermosa  in the province of
 Guanacaste is a popular beach resort for snorkeling, sport fishing or sailing.

The Refuel Works studio developed the Art Villa architectural project for a two-level 
villa  of 570 square meters, while the Formafatal team took care of the interiors and
 the harmonization of interior and exterior spaces.  According to the architects
 themselves, they drew inspiration not only from the surrounding picturesque
 wild  jungle, but also from the works of the famous Brazilian architect Paulo
 Mendes da Rocha, the genius of “Brazilian brutalism”

In addition to a detailed spacious common area, including a foyer, a large living room,
 a kitchen with a dining area and a comfortable covered terrace by the pool, the villa is 
equipped with five bedrooms with private bathrooms. In the basement, the 
architects designed a dressing room, gym and dance halls, a games 
room   for children, utility rooms and laundry.

Large panoramic windows well illuminate the interior spaces and bring the rich colors 
of the jungle closer. In the interiors, designers used eco-friendly linen, teak wood and metal,
 which well enlivened the brutal texture of raw concrete. Formafatal furnished the entire 
residence with teak wood and Brazilian IPE furniture,  including an irregular dining
 table, bookcase and rectangular headboards. Much of the furniture was designed
 by Formafatal designers and custom-made by local craftsmen. The bedroom
 doors were also made of wood.

Rough concrete walls, as an important colorful element of the interior, combined with
 water and greenery, in general, created an unusual rough and luxurious environment. 
Polished concrete covers the floors in all major living areas.  The floors in the 
bedrooms  and bathrooms are covered with decorative tiles made to order in
 Nicaragua. Track lights from Wac Lighting are mounted on concrete
 ceilings in the interior.


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