Marcella Kaspar : Australian artist's house

Painter Marcella Kaspar's Coogee Home   

“I am inspired by the colors and tones of flowers, especially peonies,
 and the colors of the house were inspired by the large painting 
I had in mind for the living room...”  Marcella Kaspar

Home of an Australian artist of Czech origin in Coogee - a cozy coastal town,
 eight kilometers southeast of Sydney. The wide sandy beaches of these places attract 
swimmers and surfers, and mansions with ocean pools off the coast have become a popular
 destination for families. The site with the dilapidated cottage was bought in 2008 and
 in the same year Marcella Kaspar and her husband, designer Mark Cooper, moved
 into a new house built on the site of the old building.

 Marcella Kaspar  :
“We designed the house, wanting to create an atmosphere of life in a resort, with
 the opportunity not only to relax, but also to work. The experience of previous repairs
 suggested to us that the supply and exhaust  ventilation  systems in the house are much
 more comfortable than air conditioners. We have always liked the combination of interior 
and nature - all living rooms are oriented towards the courtyard with a swimming pool.
 Therefore, in the summer it is always cool in the house and we have the opportunity
 to enjoy the play of light, watching how the glare from the water dances
 along the walls of the rooms ... " 

Photos  ©  SIMON KENNY


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