Two floors apartment renovation in Vilnius, Lithuania

 Žvėrynas, Vilnius, Lithuania

Architects: YCL Studio    /    Photos  ©  Andrius Stepankevičius

Duplex apartment with an area of 142.4 square meters in Žvėrynas, the most expensive area of Vilnius, northwest of the central part of the city. After renovation, the interior of the apartment acquired a modern, down-to-earth and homely character. The case when the extravaganza of design solutions gives way to restraint and comfort.

The ground floor consists of the main family space: living room combined with kitchen and dining room, home office, bedroom, small bathroom and utility room. The second floor is dedicated exclusively to the owners of the house: there is a spacious bathroom with overhead light through the skylights and a bedroom with a terrace from which a magnificent panorama of Žvėrynas opens. High-quality parquet flooring made of natural wood contrasts expressively with the white color of the ceiling and walls, which generally corresponds to the moderate spirit of the Scandinavian style. Design and implementation by architectural studio YCL Studio from Vilnius

YCL Studio 


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