The Olive Houses on the island of Mallorca, Spain

High in the Sierra de Tramontana

Architects : mar plus ask    /    New construction and Transformation

Photos  ©  Piet Albert Goethals

A holiday retreat for a Spanish-Danish family of architects high in the Sierra de Tramontana mountains of Mallorca, the largest of the islands of the Balearic archipelago, which is great not only for a beach holiday, diving and windsurfing, but also for rock climbing and just enjoying nature. It has a warm and mild climate, stunningly beautiful and large mountain ranges, fertile valleys and dense forests. On the democratic Balearic Islands you can equally well meet architects, members of the royal family, famous actors and ordinary students...

Mar Vicens and Ask Anker Aistrup, founders of the architectural studio "mar plus ask" from Valencia, built a unique retreat - two small houses, in an unusually beautiful place, on the top of a mountain ridge, overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. The houses are surrounded by thousand-year-old olive trees and massive rock formations. Stone terraced walls and delicate decoration in the color of olive tree leaves are the only sign of human intervention in this place untouched by civilization.

The Pink House is built around a giant rock, which is the main character of the space. The house has a bathroom, two gas burners, a sink, a wood stove, a table with stools and a refrigerator powered by solar panels located at the back of the house. There is an outdoor shower nearby, fed by rainwater collected and filtered on the roof and illuminated by natural light from the ceiling opening.

The Olive Houses, by the decision of the owners Mar Vicens and Ask Anker Aistrup, is open throughout the year to other architects, artists and writers...


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