Hangzhou Boee : Art Nouveau and a tribute to Chinese traditions of a poetic villa in Hangzhou

Hangzhou Boee • Hufeng Courtyard Model Villa
Xianghu Lake National Resort, Hangzhou, China

 Interior design team : Ge Sicong, Kang Huicai 
 Decoration design team : Hu Hui, Lu Xinyi 
Interior design firm GFD, China

A modern villa with traditional Chinese philosophy in Hangzhou, the capital of Zhejiang province. Southern China is well known for its breathtaking scenery and elegant lifestyle of the elite Chinese since ancient times. Misty mountains, rippling waters and floating boats have always been a colorful poetic scene, often depicted in Chinese poems. Staying away from the hustle and bustle of the world, being close to nature, living with family and getting together with friends and relatives from time to time is a desirable way of life for those who have achieved a successful career and honor traditions. The project, which manages to create a serene and Chinese-elegant atmosphere, provides an ideal living space that meets the requirements of those who seek to bring harmony and modern comfort into their lives.

Photos  ©  Liu Gangqiang, Xu Shukai

GFD Interior Designs, founded more than a decade ago,
 is dedicated to working on interior design of real estate projects, hotels,
 commercial spaces and upscale private residences. GFD established a branch 
company called QIANDU Home Furnishings, with a view to integrating prime 
design and product resources worldwide. So far, GFD has carried out design 
practices in various mainland Chinese cities, and branched out globally. In
 recent years, its team has completed many upscale private residence
 projects in New York, Sydney, Vancouver, Los Angeles
 and Hong Kong. LOCATION: China


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