Mexico: modern beach house Sonoma House

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Architects: Roca Arquitectos
Photos  ©  Rachael Mann 
Sonoma House is a modern beach house on the southernmost tip of the California peninsula, where the cool Pacific Ocean mixes with the warm waters of the Sea of Cortez, near Los Cabos, one of the most popular Mexican resorts, fifteen minutes from San Jose.  The main attraction of the area has always been nature and its contrasts: sandy beaches and rocky mountains, the green golf courses of popular tourist resorts and cactus-covered deserts.

The structure of Sonoma House seems to emerge from the ground and merges with the rocky landscape on Punta Gorda Hill. During the process, the colour and tonal samples of the concrete were brought into harmony with the desert environment and the existing topography. Because the home's location is far from San José del Cabo's electrical infrastructure, an off-grid solar energy system fully supports the owners' needs. 

Sonoma House's minimalist, neutral interiors are in perfect harmony with the exterior - wide spaces are well lit with natural light, concrete floors and simple furnishings create a sense of calm and durability. The house has a patio where guests can find privacy. In addition, there is a comfortable Jacuzzi and a swimming pool that allows you to refresh yourself while enjoying the beautiful panorama of the sea.    Design and realisation by the architectural studio Roca Arquitectos

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

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