Mexico: Organic House by Javier Senosiain

La Casa Orgánica, Naucalpan, Edo. de México 

Organic House is one of the masterpieces of the Mexican classic of organic architecture, professor Javier Senosiain. An original private house with an area of 178 square meters built in the city of Naucalpan de Juarez. The concept of the house is defined in two spaces - night and day. Life in the house is organized in such a way that the feeling of comfort does not leave the person underground and the owners do not lose touch with the outside world, filled with light, greenery and flowers. The residence includes oval spaces of dining room, kitchen, living area, bedroom with bathroom and dressing room.

Ferrocement with the addition of polyurethane spraying was used as a forming material. Ground cover with grass protects the house well from the external influences of wind, rain and sun. Natural air circulation due to the good aerodynamics of the home provides good ventilation, and the openings in the domes contribute to sufficient insolation. Landscaping the ground cover makes the house virtually invisible.


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