2020 : The New Panthère de Cartier Collection

The source of inspiration :

PANTHER - the source of inspiration and the main image of the House of Cartier
 finds a new incarnation and new interpretations. Ever since 1914 panther, 
as a symbol of grace and strength, first served as a source of inspiration
 for the French jewelry house Cartier, an ornament imitating the color of a
 panther,  has always been a hallmark of the House. The original motif is
 constantly appears in collections of high jewelry from realistic
verbatim  images  to  abstract  and  graphic  forms.  In  2020
 The house of Cartier presents the new iconic Panthère de Cartier 
collection.  The modern incarnation of the symbol of the House
 is  artistic interpretation of the sensation of sensual
 femininity, elegance and freedom.


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