Casiraghi Apartment in IX ARR Paris by Fabrizio Casiraghi

Designer Fabrizio Casiraghi's own apartment in one of
 the best places to live in Paris - the prestigious 9th arrondissement,
  which bears the name of its most famous attraction - Arrondissement
  de l'Opera. From here it is easy to walk to the Louvre and the legendary 
Montmartre. 33-year-old rising interiors star, Italian living in Paris,
who brilliantly mastered the art of era mixing, a style called Franco-Italian
 "new chic", found the small apartment of his dreams - with high
 ceilings, fireplace and terrace. Clients appreciate Fabrizio Casiraghi
for the ability to work with rich noble palettes, for the taste for antiques,
  for elegance and artistry in the scenography of curiosities and colorful exoticism.
  The style of Casiraghi's handwriting is diverse - he, like no one else,
 can   dust off the traditional formulas of French decor,
  play on contradictions, mixing different directions.

Without any problems, Fabrizio Casiraghi can harmoniously link in the
 same interior, modern design items and antiques of the 18th century.
In the warm, eclectic interior of his apartment, he placed a large
a collection of various decor items from their trips to Morocco, 
Sweden and from his native Italy. According to a budding young 
designer's own interior   we can conclude that elegant eclecticism in 
the foreseeable the future will continue to be relevant in Parisian interiors.

Photos  ©  Romain Laprade


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